About Us

Knockmore Community Association was formed in1989 by local residents, and is an active community, with clubs, service, events and plenty for  everyone to do. A strive to be a community where people care about each other and work together to make things happen.

Company Ownership/Legal Entity

Knockmore Community is a registered charity. Our charity number is xr48857.  We will be listed on and regulated by The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland in due course.  Are Constitution and various Policies can be viewed at any time by request.


We currently have 1 paid youth worker and are waiting on our current position being filled for a community development officer.

Hours of Operation

The premises are open for administration purposes every Wednesday and Thursday between the hours 9am and 2.30pm, otherwise the premises is open 6 days a week for our service provisions as well as being leased out to other business, charities etc.


Dear residents,

We would like to thank everyone who attended the 2014 AGM. We are glad to have heard your concern and apologise that our communication in regards to advertising does not reach everyone. Anytime we host an event we advertise on our website and facebook, and for those who do not use these services, we place posters/flyers in the community flat window, knockmore shops and the grove activity centre.  We appreciate that you would like to have flyers posted and we would gladly facilitate this service if we get the volunteers. If you do notice our adverts, please pass along the information to your friends and neighbours as they may not have.  Remember you can call into the flat and ask us about our plans.

Another issue that was brought up but was not suited to an AGM, was complaints regarding the area etc. We are volunteers and residents like yourselves and want the best for Knockmore. When we have had issues addressed to us we have forwards these on to the relevant bodies such as the park/leisure services and dog fouling/environmental services etc. We can only complain when we are made aware of issues, however be aware that we hold NO more influence or power than any other resident. We will be attending the inter-angency meetings on a regular basis and this gives us the opportunity to forward your concerns and complaints, so if you have any please call into the flat and let us know or even stick a detailed letter through the letterbox and we would be glad to forward these on.

We were made award that not everyone received a census form so just call into the flat and collect one, and for those who did PLEASE return these to us so we can serve and provide you all better.


Knockmore Community Association

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